Senior Management

Headquartered in our home city of Hong Kong, our businesses and investments now span across Hong Kong, Mainland China, Australia, Europe and the United States.

Message from Chairman

Mr Kenny Zhang (Cheung)

I was born and raised in Guangzhou (Canton) and came to Hong Kong in my early 20s before migrating to Australia to pursue further studies and started my business career in Sydney. By 1998, the miracle of Mainland China’s opening up and economic reform had already entered a steady and accelerating stage of development, so like many other overseas Chinese at the time, I decided to bring the focus of my business back to the motherland.

In that same year and by coincidence, I crossed paths with a gentleman who would go on to build one of China’s most highly-regarded property companies. Our conversation inspired me to enter the eco-friendly building materials industry with Waratah Paint, which started as the China distributor for the largest Australian paint companies at the time, before developing into an independent brand with our own factory in Shenzhen, China.

As the Cheung family’s holdings and investment company, Cheung & Sons today has evolved into a vast and well diversified conglomerate with interests across the real estate, education, agri-business and resources sectors. Headquartered in our home city of Hong Kong, our businesses and investments now span across Hong Kong, Mainland China, Australia, Europe and the United States.

Going forward, we will continue to position real estate, education and agri as Cheung & Sons’ three foundational industries not only because of the vast opportunities offered by these growing sectors, but also because of the intrinsic value they can bring to people’s lives in helping to shape the future of the world. In particular, we aim to help tackle the issue of food safety in emerging markets through our premium-quality agri products, and to help people adopt healthier food choices and lifestyles. Likewise, in the education sector, we believe in the future of international and bi-lingual education, and the need to build bridges between the Chinese and the Western worlds for our future generations.

As we are nearing our 20th birthday, I wish to take this chance to thank all of our friends, partners and employees over the years who have all contributed to our success today. We will continue to strive for greater success and help to shape the future of Hong Kong and the world.

Mr. Matthew Cheung

Executive Director
Head of our Education portfolio

As the second-generation of the Cheung family, Mr. Matthew Cheung started his very first business venture, Prime Mandarin Ltd., at the age of 19 when he was an university student at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). He saw an opportunity at the time to provide affordable Chinese teaching solutions to state-funded schools, most of which are constrained by tight budgets, following the UK Government’s announcement of its national goal of doubling the number of Chinese-literate students in the UK by 2020. The company thus specialised in developing content and sourcing part-time Chinese teachers for mostly state-funded primary and secondary schools on a B2B basis. Mr. Cheung is currently the CEO of Causeway Education Group and is also responsible for Cheung & Sons’ education portfolio.

Mr. Richard Alston

Non-Executive Director

I started my professional career as a barrister at the Melbourne bar,  where I commenced practice in crime and personal injury cases and later moved to commercial, administrative and bush fire cases.

In 1986 I entered the Federal Parliament as a Senator for the State of Victoria. When John Howard led the Liberal Party to victory in 1996 I became Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate and a senior Cabinet Minister with responsibility for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts.

I remained in those positions until 2003 and shortly afterwards retired from Parliament to pursue a business career.

Some months later I was appointed Australian High Commissioner (Ambassador) to London for three years and since that time I have served as a company director on both public and private boards in Australia and the UK, including service as the Chairman of three publicly listed Australian companies.

Since 2014 I have been the Federal President of the Liberal Party of Australia, currently the ruling party in government.

Mr. Matthew Collard

Head of Australia

Formerly a public listed company on the ASX Matthew has been responsible for the restructuring, listing and financing of the company and actively involved in the project generation, exploration, feasibility,
detailed design and construction activities of the group.

Prior to listing Amex Matthew had extensive experience in the formation and planning of agriculture managed investment schemes.

Matthew holds a bachelor of Agriculture Economics from the University of Sydney and post graduate qualifications from the University of Oxford.